Milwaukee SDS Plus Drill Bits

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Milwaukee SDS Plus Drill Bits

Breaker Points

3 Offset Aggressive Power Breakers

These Produce A "Demolition" Effect & Create Micro Cracks In The Drilled Material

Up To 25% Faster

Centering Tip

Ensures Immediate Spot Drilling With Pin Point Accuracy

Prevents Skidding On Smooth Surfaces

Enlarged Rebar Chamfers

Prevents Side Tip Damage When Hitting Rebar

Reduces The Risk Of The Drill Bit Jamming When Hitting Rebar

Tapered Shoulder Design

Thinner Shoulder Towards Drill Tip For Less Friction Providing For Greater Speed

Ideal For Cordless Hammers Identified From Its Tapered Shoulder Geometry

Reinforced Flute

High Volume Flute Geometry For Optimum Dust Removal

Reinforced Flute Design (Thicker Core) Gives:
  • Full Power Transfer To The Tip
  • Lower Vibrations
  • Exceptional Break Resistance, Less Breakages & Best Durability

FASTEST: New Aggressive Tip Geometry With 3 Chip Breakers Demolishes The Concrete Quicker & A Tapered Shoulder Design Minimises Friction Enabling The M2 Drill Bit To Deliver Faster Drilling Speed

DURABILITY: Rebar Chamfers On The Tip Prevent Side Tip Damage When Hitting Metal Reinforcement & A Thicker Core Body Ensures Higher Power Transfer, Lower Vibrations & Less Flute Breakages

Available In The Following Sizes:
  • 3mm x 110mm
  • 3.5mm x 110mm
  • 4mm x 110mm
  • 4mm x 160mm
  • 4.8mm x 110mm
  • 5mm x 110mm
  • 5mm x 160mm
  • 5mm x 210mm
  • 5.5mm x 110mm
  • 5.5mm x 160mm
  • 5.5mm x 210mm
  • 5.5mm x 260mm
  • 6mm x 110mm
  • 6mm x 160mm
  • 6mm x 210mm
  • 6mm x 260mm
  • 6.5mm x 110mm
  • 6.5mm x 160mm
  • 6.5mm x 210mm
  • 6.5mm x 260mm
  • 7mm x 110mm
  • 7mm x 160mm
  • 7mm x 210mm
  • 7mm x 250mm
  • 8mm x 110mm
  • 8mm x 160mm
  • 8mm x 210mm
  • 8mm x 260mm
  • 8mm x 310mm
  • 8mm x 400mm
  • 9mm x 160mm
  • 9mm x 210mm
  • 10mm x 110mm
  • 10mm x 160mm
  • 10mm x 210mm
  • 10mm x 260mm
  • 10mm x 310mm
  • 10mm x 450mm
  • 11mm x 160mm
  • 11mm x 260mm
  • 12mm x 160mm
  • 12mm x 210mm
  • 12mm x 260mm
  • 12mm x 310mm
  • 13mm x 160mm
  • 13mm x 260mm
  • 14mm x 160mm
  • 14mm x 210mm
  • 14mm x 260mm
  • 14mm x 310mm
  • 14mm x 450mm
  • 15mm x 160mm
  • 15mm x 260mm
  • 16mm x 160mm
  • 16mm x 210mm
  • 16mm x 260mm
  • 16mm x 450mm
  • 18mm x 250mm
  • 20mm x 250mm
  • 20mm x 300mm
  • 20mm x 450mm
  • 22mm x 250mm
  • 24mm x 250mm
  • 25mm x 250mm
  • 26mm x 250mm

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