Trend Biscuit Jointer Set 342X1/4TC

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Trend Biscuit Jointer Set 342X1/4TC

For biscuit jointing of timber, man-made fibre and particle board with the router.

The set includes three sizes of bearing which set the correct depth of cut for the three sizes available.

A slightly longer cut than the length of the biscuit is required to allow some lateral play for easy alignment during assembly.

A water based glue (PVA) is used with the biscuits which will expand as the moisture is absorbed.

Boards are simply clamped together until glue is cured.

For larger boards, biscuits can be doubled up by making two passes.


  • D=40 mm
  • C=4 mm
  • B=15 mm
  • B2=19 mm
  • B3=23 mm
  • OL=63.5 mm
  • Shank Diameter=1/4 inch
  • Groove depths=8.5 mm, 10.5 mm & 12.5 mm
  • For biscuit sizes=No.0, 10 & 20

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