Trend Ffp2 Hepac Filter Mask 5 Pack RPE/FFP2/A/5


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Trend Ffp2 Hepac Filter Mask 5 Pack RPE/FFP2/A/5

Lightweight Fold Flat Ergonomic FFP2 Respirator with HEPAC Filtration for protection against fine nuisance dust particles

FPP2 Filtration - For Softwood Dust, sheet materials, (not MDF or hardwood) Fibreglass

HEPAC Filtration High Efficiency Particulate Air Composite - For enhanced particulate capture

Efficiency Above 94% Dust Capture Efficiency - For increased respiratory protection

Maximum Filtration Area - Entire surface area of the mask is the filter for highly efficient capture and easier breathing

Comfort Fit - Adjustable nose clip for comfortable fit and tighter nose seal

Day Long Protection - Can be used for up to 8 hours

Adjustable straps elasticated adjustable straps for better fit and increased comfort

Lightweight weighs only 9 grams for day long comfort

Fold Flat Design easily slips into a pocket when not required

Assigned Protection Factor APF10 x WEL

Maximum usage level up to 10 x WEL


  • Weight=9g
  • Assigned Protection Factor=APF10 x WEL
  • Respiratory protection=BS EN 149 FFP2 N R
  • Filter performance=>94%
  • Inward leakage=<8%
  • Size=Medium/large
  • Flow rate=95L/min
  • Conforms to EN149 FFP2 N R

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