Trend Guided Profiler 9.5mm Dia X 6mm Cut 46/900X1/4TC

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Trend Guided Profiler 9.5mm Dia X 6mm Cut 46/900X1/4TC

Trend Professional 1/4in shank bearing guided trimming cutter - 9.5mm diameter for laminate and template work

9.5mm diameter X 6.35mm cutting depth bearing guided trimmer for flush trimming of laminate and veneer work.

Extra long shank allows the cutter to trim laminate and veneer on the underside of the workpiece. Also to form shallow rebates and slots with a template or guide.

Double shank mounted bearings for increased surface contact for additional stability and control.

1/4in shank for easy control in smaller routers with 'K'mark shank to ensure safe working practices.

Double bearings for stability.


  • D1=3/8 inches
  • D1=9.5 mm
  • C=1/4 inches
  • C=6.35 mm
  • OL=65 mm
  • B=9.5 mm
  • A=90 degrees
  • Shank Diameter=1/4

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