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BlueSpot Polishing Compound Bars
  • Red 455g - Ideal for Polishing Articles of Jewellery and Precious Metals such as Gold and Silver. This Compound can also be Used with Plated Metals
  • Green 495g - Provides a High Shine Finish on Hard and Soft Metals. Excellent Results with Platinum, Chrome and Stainless Steel
  • White 440g - Ideal for Final Finishing Particularly on Harder Metals or a Lighter Cut on Soft Metals
  • Blue 445g - General Use Compound for all Metals
  • Black 550g - Great Performance where Removal of Scratches. Pitting and Rust from Metallic Surfaces Due to the Impregnation of Emery in the Compund. Use of this Compound will Save Time and Start the Polishing Process
  • Brown 480g - General Purpose Rough Starting Compound for Initial Buffing and Polishing. Can be used to Cut and Remove Scratches and Leave a Smooth Finish. Best Used with Softer Metals Such as Brass and Copper. The Brown Polishing Compound can also be Used on Wood

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