Sealey Schumacher Schumacher® RoadStart® Emergency Jump Starter 12V 2300 Peak Amps - DEKRA Approved


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Sealey Schumacher RoadStart Emergency Jump Starter 12V 2300 Peak Amps DEKRA Approved

Professional grade, high performance AGM battery, specially formulated to jump-start vehicles

DEKRA approved emergency jump starter

Includes an automatic maintenance charger with patented microprocessor controlled speed charging and thermal runaway protection

Unlike other booster packs, this unit can be left safely on charge continuously

Audible warning system (AWS) signals if the unit has been turned on for too long without being connected to a battery and reverse polarity

Fitted with an isolating rotary on/off switch and features a digital display showing the internal battery level and the vehicle battery voltage

Fitted with a 12V accessory socket and a single 2.1A USB port ideal for charging mobile phones or tablets

A fusible link integrated in the output cable provides surge and spike protection, preventing damage to delicate and sophisticated vehicle electronics as well as the booster

Auxiliary Output: 1 x USB - 2.1A, 1 x 12V

Cable and Clamp Length: 1.6m

Peak Amps: 2300 Amps

Starting Current: 900 Amps

Voltage: 12V

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